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Playcentre Rules


Please avoid visiting our centre if your child has experienced vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 48-72hrs

    1. Just Kids Playcentre equipment and structure is catered for children aged between 4 – 12.
    2. Just Kids Playcentre have baby and toddler area’s available for ages 0 – 4. 
    3. Just Kids Playcentre have an on-site cafe; for this reason we do not allow outside food or drinks to be brought into the premises with the exception of; baby food, children drink bottles and birthday cakes for party bookings only.
    4. All children must remove their shoes and wear socks before entering the play area; socks are available for purchase at the front desk.
    5. Please avoid jewellery/sharp objects on the play area.
    6. Runnings is fun, but dangerous, please be careful.
    7. When going down the slide, please slide down feet first.
    8. Do not jump, kick, push or climb when on slides.
    9. Children must be supervised by their parent/care-giver at all times. 
    10. Please report any accident or injury to a member of our trained staff.
    11. Just Kids Playcentre takes no responsibility for lost or damaged items. 
    12. Just Kids Playcentre is not a childcare or a drop-off centre, you are responsible for your own children’s supervision. 
    13. All party bookings are to be secured with a non-refundable deposit.
    14. Private Venue Hire is available, please send us an enquiry or ask our staff for details, as well as terms and conditions. 
    15. Children who are clearly unwell should not use the play facilities. 
    16. No standing or climbing on or outside the play equipment. 
    17. No food or drinks allowed in the play area’s.
    18. Please keep your personal belongings outside the play area; such as toys, electronics, valuables, etc.
    19. No foul language or rough play will be tolerated.
    20. Most importantly, have fun!

Suitable for ages
1 - 12yrs old

No outside food or drink is allowed in the centre.

Cakes are only allowed, for those with party bookings.

Socks Mandatory

Why Choose Us?

We understand parents need some time to unwind and so do the kids. Getting them to a place where they can play without the fear of hurting themselves, is the perfect option.

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Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted.

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